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Garant contract

Efficiency for you, the risks for us

Using a wind turbine with a profitable efficiency and almost no risks, that is the dream of every private and business investor. With the unique Garant Contract of Bettink Service Team this dream is within your reach. The only risks you will have are too little wind and low energy prices. The rest is for our account. Read on and discover why so many customers in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands signed a Garant Contract – from private investors with one wind turbine to owners of large wind parks.

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We guarantee

The Garant Contract is a contract with which you make us responsible for the continuity of your wind turbine. The risks are for us, the efficiency for you.

  • All the maintenance is for our account
  • All conceivable costs as a result of damage, wear or technical problems are for our account – irrespective of whether these fall within or outside the warranty.
  • Your wind turbine will be operational within 48 hours – whether a relay or gearbox has to be replaced. Should we need more time, you will receive a market related compensation for the lost income.

Any wind turbine, irrespective of make or age can be covered by the Garant Contract!

Maintenance, monitoring and service

Maximum readiness. Continuity. That is the guarantee of the Garant Contract. To achieve this, we

  • cover periodic maintenance. Preventative maintenance is the bais of continuity.
  • continually monitor your wind turbine in our control centre. All important parameters of your wind turbine can be monitored real-time. Outages or alarming situations will be automatically recorded.
  • have a unique stock of spare parts. From the smallest cables and filters to complete generators and gear boxes. Whichever part needs to be replaced, we never need to wait for a spare part supplier.
  • cover your insurance. By contracting an insurance company, we cover your wind turbine automatically against fire, theft and external calamities. No need to worry about difficult situations or discussions with insurance companies. We do that for you!

The advantages for you

It does not take much to guess the advantages of Garant Contract. This contract makes your business case transparent and predictable.

  • You have maximum certainty. You will never have unexpected repairs or replacement of parts. You expected efficiency will not be jeopardises by unforseen investments and high maintenance cost.
  • You will have maximum production. Your wind turbine will never be idle for more than 48 hours – otherwise the lost income will be reimbursed.
  • You will not need to worry about maintenance. You can leave that to us! And you will no longer have to argue with suppliers about warranty issues. We do that for you!
  • And you are insured against fire, theft and calamities.

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