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The McCloskey's

Seamus and Gerard McCloskey

“Bettink Service Team Ltd. is specialised in the service and maintenance”

Customer information:

Turbine operational in December 2014

Name: Seamus and Gerard McCloskey
Company: McCloskey Farms Ltd. & Landhead Power Ltd.
Turbine: 2x Vestas V27

First turbine operational in July 2012.
Second turbine operational in June 2014.

On a normal day the McCloskey brothers are busy to run their farm, but today they will make some time to share their experiences with Bettink Service Team. Why they started in the wind business?

‘We wanted to diversify into something different to farming and wind turbines ticked all the boxes.’

Since Bettink is nicely taking care of their turbines the two brothers can relax and focus on running their farm.

‘We got to know Bettink at the time we wanted to install our first turbine. This was in July 2013.’ Gerard said. ‘It was not easy to actually find someone who was capable of offering a complete package. There are only few parties in Northern Ireland that actually really know what they are doing in this field. This is due to the fact that the wind energy sector is still in its infancy over here. Bettink on the other hand has more than 20 years of experience with wind turbines.’ Seamus: ‘ The first turbine we installed was one which originated from Northern Europe which had been put up for sale as a result of an expansion project. After performing a technical revision of the turbine we contracted Bettink Service Team Ltd. to execute the construction and installation. And by 2013 the first Bettink team came all the way up here, from the Netherlands, to install our first turbine. In those days they still came over here with their Dutch bus since at that time they hadn’t yet setup their Northern Irish company. By now many things have changed and Bettink has its own local Ltd., service van and locally hired employees. This is something we highly appreciate. This means that arrival times (in the case of service calls) are short plus we have the option to speak to local technicians.’

Seamus and Gerard are very satisfied customers of Bettink Service Team Ltd.!

After allowing the turbine to run for a little while the two brothers contacted Bettink once again: Gerard: ‘We would like to contract a maintenance party which has adequate know-how. Once again we ended up with Bettink because of the excellent performance we had already experienced with them during the construction of the turbine. After receiving their offer we decided to outsource the maintenance to Bettink. And even up until today we have not regretted this decision for a minute. Their staff is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what they are doing. We furthermore feel that they think along with their customer. Another comforting fact is knowing that Bettink always keeps all the necessary spare parts on hand so we never have to deal with long waiting times which would result in long-term downtimes of the turbine.’

The first turbine just begged for more and that is why Seamus and Gerard made the decision to place a second one. And once again the brothers decided to have Bettink construct and install the second turbine. Satisfactorily by the way!

Since Bettink is nicely taking care of their turbines the two brothers can relax and focus on running their farm. Bettink takes care of everything in respect to the service and maintenance of the turbines.

So, in the case they would once again have the opportunity to install another (third) turbine then they would already know who they would call to take care of that job. It is obvious that Seamus and Gerard are very satisfied customers of Bettink Service Team Ltd.!


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