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Thomas Kelso

Thomas Kelso

‘Bettink Service Team Ltd. take good care of my wind turbines!’

Customer information:

Name: Thomas Kelso
Company: Danis Wind Ltd. & Brigh Wind Ltd.
Turbine:  2 x Vestas V27

First turbine operational in July 2012.
Second turbine operational in June 2014.

‘The Garant contract is for me an all-in solution!’

‘Bettink Service Team Ltd. take good care of my wind turbines!’

Thomas Kelso is a busy man. As well as running a farm, he is also busy with the world of wind, and owns two Vestas wind turbines. Thomas tells us his story.‘It was a few years ago when I first came into contact with Bettink Service Team. At the time there were various opportunities to buy second hand wind turbines from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Once the second hand turbines were refurbished, it was possible for them to become fully operational again in Northern Ireland.’

‘I saw an opportunity to get involved in this industry and decided to engage in such projects. I also decided to assist people, who were interested in installing a second hand wind turbine.’

It was the start of a successful market.

‘We used Bettink Service Team for the installation and commissioning of the turbines we had sold. We choose Bettink because there are very few companies in Northern Ireland that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience that Bettink has.’ Thomas said. ‘We have been so pleased with the excellent service that we have received from Bettink, we have recommended them to our customers.’

‘The fact that Bettink Service Team had no local team, and was based in the Netherlands had no impact on our customer’s decision to use this company. They wanted an experienced, reliable company to take care of their turbines; therefore distance was not an issue.’

The decision to install my own turbines was an easy one as Bettink have given me excellent support, and have taken care of the service and maintenance, and also offered me the ‘Garant  contract’.

‘I’m happy to have Bettink working on my turbines!’

The Garant contract is an all-in contract, which even includes insurances for wear and tear and damages.

‘It was the ideal contract for me. The installation, service and maintenance of the wind turbines did not interfere with my commitments on the farm, and Bettink took all the risks for one fixed costs a year.  At the beginning I could not believe everything was included, for example crane costs, parts (including parts that needed to be replaced due to wear and tear and damages). The contract basically included everything that is needed to ensure the turbines could operate to the highest possible standard. Bettink even guaranteed that if the turbine is out of service for more than 48 hours, they will pay me (the owner), the amount of income that has been lost. This contract was absolutely perfect for me!’

‘I am extremely happy that Bettink has decided to expand their company to Northern Ireland. This gives other wind turbine owners the opportunity to sign a Garant contract.  There are currently a number of competing companies that are new to the industry, but they do not have the knowledge and experience that Bettink possess.

Bettink currently have a highly qualified team of local technicians, fully equipped service vans, and parts in stock in Northern Ireland.

‘I would most definitely recommend Bettink service team and their Garant contract to anyone who is interested in making a profit through owing a wind turbine, without the risks.’

‘I am happy to have Bettink working on my turbines!’


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