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Gary Davidson

Gary Davidson

‘Bettink local technicians are extremely knowledgeable’

Customer information:

Name: Gary Davidson
Company: Altigarron Power Ltd.
Turbine:  1 x Vestas V27

Turbine operational in December 2014.

‘I have always had a strong interest in renewable energy’

‘Bettink Service Team Ltd. take good care of my wind turbine!’

As a livestock farmer on a hill farm located around the northern outskirts of Belfast, Gary Davidson is every day busy with his farm. Gary explains: ‘We run a traditional beef and sheep rearing enterprise which goes back three generations.’ Besides of farming Gary was always interested in other business than farming. ‘I have always had a strong interest in renewable energy and began exploring the possibility of developing a wind turbine site in 2011, which turns out that I have my first turbine up since December 2014.’ Gary: ‘I have had the pleasure of dealing with Bettink since my V27 turbine first began production during December 2014. This was subsequent to the initial installation which was carried out by another company. The turbine experienced some unresolved issues from the original installation which Bettink expertly investigated and quickly put right. I have found their local technicians to be extremely knowledgeable and they are always willing to fully explain any aspects of their work to my turbine.’ Since that day Gary became a customer of Bettink Service Team. He signed a Garant contract for his turbine. Gary continues: ‘Should I have any concerns the advice team in Northern Ireland and in the Netherlands are always on hand to provide immediate assistance. I have always found them to be supportive and decisive in resolving any technical problems that I have encountered.’

‘My turbine investment is in a safe pair of hands.’

Gary is a satisfied customer: ‘Based on my experiences to date I would have no hesitation recommending Bettink to others in a similar situation. The comprehensive Garant Contract offers complete peace of mind and let’s me concentrate on my other day to day activities in the knowledge that Bettink will resolve all breakdown eventualities. I consider myself fortunate to have found a reputable company with a vast wealth of expertise and experience. Consequently I can be very confident in the knowledge that my turbine investment is in a safe pair of hands.’ Gary said.

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